1.32.20 (February 4, 2020)


  • Fixed problems with the change in the nomenclature of plans that did not allow selecting in the setup any option linked to the BASIC plan (old PREMIUM plan).

1.32.19 (January 31, 2020)


  • Add Marked For Export support for the elements: Rectangle, RepeatGrid, SymbolInstance and Group.
  • Add shortcut to open the Fireblade plugin (cmd+shift+f on mac and ctrl+shift+f on windows).
  • Add structure that supports more user plans.
  • Add the checked attribute for Checkbox and Radio form elements.
  • Add Auto-align feature.
  • Add the prop name in the props panel for all form elements that you didn't already have: Checkbox, Radio, TextInput, RadioGroup, List and Slot.
  • Add the prop position. Allow editing and bind.


  • Improve "About" window for a better display of information about Fireblade.
  • Capitalize exported file names.
  • Clear data from Artboards removed from RootNode's PluginData.
  • Do not allow the same instanceNames in any position of the element tree.
  • Share a user's session logged into Fireblade between any Adobe XD documents.
  • Set Fireblade plan names: change PREMIUM plan name to BASIC. There will no longer be a plan called PREMIUM. The BASIC plan is the plan for any user who signs up for the Fireblade plugin. Create a STARTER plan that will be the plan for any user who has Fireblade installed, but does not register.
  • Implement the confirm password to require the user to enter the password twice.
  • Use instanceName to name the exported image files.
  • Do not generate information about fonts to be embedded in the exported CSS file when the fonts are not embedded by the user in the Fireblade plugin.
  • In the registration form of the plugin ask the user to inform which client profile he is: designer, developer or other.
  • When the user selects more than one element on the artboard, display the focused artboard panel, allowing the preview and export functions to be executed.
  • Improve the design of the download window for the Fireblade Live Preview tool.
  • Improve the Ellipse, BooleanGroup and Polygon types to always be exported as SVG.


  • Fix the problem that causes the ENTER key doesn't work after editing a prop item.
  • Fix the undefined information that appears at the end of the text classes generated by Styles Ranges.
  • Fix the problem that I did not embed fonts from texts coming from Styles Ranges.
  • Fix the problem that occurs when you delete the prop item value and press ENTER: it crashes and you are no longer able to edit the prop item.
  • Fix the problem that occurs in some specific cases with PluginData related to the list of Custom Props of an artboard that disappears when closing the Adobe XD document.
  • Fix the problem that occurs when you delete the prop item value, change the unit and change the prop item value again: the plugin always writes with the px unit.
  • Fix the problem reported by users of the Windows version only: when embedding fonts, when the plugin, after copying and pasting the font to the destination folder, tries to rename the font to the file name indicated by the plugin, the API function of Adobe XD that renames files returns an error stating that the operating system prevents the file from being renamed, because whoever is trying to rename the file is not the owner of the file. The temporary solution found was no longer trying to rename the copied and pasted font files, leaving them with the original names.
  • Fixing the problem that occurs when an image that is locked does not work when exporting.
  • Fix the problem with texts extracted from StylesRange that are generating duplicate fonts to be embedded.
  • Fix the problem that occurs when you try to export to React format and have a RepeatGrid without being marked with @List.
  • Fix the problem that occurs when updating the dimensions of an element that is pre-set to center: it does not update the edits automatically, thus leaving the element decentralized.
  • Fix the problem on Sign Up screen, some fields (First Name, Last Name, and Password) are getting truncated.