One of the main features of Fireblade is the possibility of working with a responsive alignment for the exported design. So we developed a feature that makes child elements automatically adapt to the parent element's alignment.
Before demonstrating this new feature in action, note in the image below that, by default, all elements start with the Auto-align feature unchecked and with the LEFT-TOP anchor alignment.
Top of the Fireblade alignment panel
Now see the result of the default alignment (top-left) when we export the selected artboard using the export feature of the Fireblade plugin:
The export result with Fireblade default alignment (top-left)
To see Auto-align feature in action, check the Auto-align option on the child elements:
Auto-align checked on children elements
Now change only the artboard alignment anchors to top-right-bottom-left as shown in the figure below:
Artboard alignment set to top-right-bottom-left
The Fireblade plugin will display a window saying it is applying the new alignment definition.
While showing this window, the Fireblade plugin checks all the design layers for elements that are marked with the Auto-align feature, analyzes their position in relation to the position and alignment of the element parent and decides which alignment to apply to the element.
Note that automatically the children’s alignment anchors have been modified to follow the parent’s new anchor alignment:
Result of export action to top-right-bottom-left alignment
See how the children's alignment anchors change as the parent's alignment anchors change: